Wish of the moment list........

ok -- this is a VERY IMPORTANT wish that pnj has on behalf of her GRANDFATHER, life long fan (though pnj herself also stands to benefit) -- i wish that the boston red sox would win the world series this year.

you know, some days i really wish i spoke dog.

that johnny damon would break out of his hitting slump, it is stressing me out.

that thatch weren't suddenly obsessed with trans-fats (whatever they are -- dont ask he'll give you a long description).

well, if you ever had the extreme pleasure of catching an episode of "That's My Bush" on comedy central a few years back, then you will understand why i wish so much that they would revive the show

that the giant yellow boa constrictor that was riding around the upperwest side yesterday (scaring the b'geesus out of pinky nice juice) would swallow the dickhead who was carrying him around manhattan

its 7:30 am and believe it or not, i wish i had anice big plate of gefilte fish with some horseradish... yummy

i wish that the snow really would turn into a blizzard so that they would cancel school tommorrow.


well let me take this opportunity to make a wish on behalf of all new yorkers. i wish it would F-ING WARM UP!!!!!!!!! pnj is at the end of her proverbial rope.

i wish i could write this stupid book review that was due last week!!

that pokey would STOP farting. and Thatcher too while i am at it.

some day pinky nice juice would like to spend the winter in an apartment where she can adjust the heat...

i just got back from a plane trip -- where the plane flew directly over brooklyn, i could see my block! then we were forced to make a big huge circle over westchester county because la guardia was too busy for us to land right away. then we had to wait on the runway for like 30 minutes because our gate was occupied. this got got me wishing. at first i was wishing that we could just pull some stairs up to the plane and get out -- then i realized that what i really wanted was to be let out of the place back when it was in my neighborhood -- and skip the cab ride. so i am currently wishing that we could just parachute out of the plane in little pods complete with our luggage. i think this would relieve congestion at the airports, and i for one would be willing to pay more for the option....

what if we could get a wimple (is that the right word) for pokey and then she could fly just like sally field in the flying nun!

anything teletubbies

personal helicopter

pork based breakfast meat and fried potatoes

gary bauer "caught on tape" doing something naughty with orrin hatch.... hee hee hee

for someone to start marketing camel cheese to wealthy New Yorkers.

for a pack of friendly elves wearing magical capes sprinkled with fairy dust to tiptoe into my apartment tonight while i am sleep and clean the whole place.

a phone that really is a banana.

a pet chimpanzee named reggie who could wear a little track suit and hold my hand on the subway.

breakfast with donna and arthur

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